The yacht club of Suomalainen Pursiseura, located downtown Helsinki was suffering from a typical problem. What to do with all the old sails that cannot be used anymore, but have sentimental value? The sails were big and hard to store filling the corners of the yacht club.

During the summer 2009 my friend Henri had bought a sewing machine for fixing his windsurfing sails. We had an idea of upcycling the sail fabric by sewing bags for our sailing gear. These first samples reached immediate attention and Purjebägit was born.

Heikki and Henri sewing

During the following months we opened a web store, learned how to sew and explored different patterns of making bags as simply as possible. We also found a manufacturing partner from western Finland, Loimaa where all the bags are still handmade.

Loimaa manufacturing floor

Many things have changed since we started five years ago, but the passion and excitement of exploring new things and making useful everyday items – a truly life-style entrepreneurial spirit is still in the core of Purjebägit. Last summer my brother Jukka joined the team and is currently in charge of running the company.

Helsinki 2015
Heikki Soininen, Founder

Purjebägit makes bags and accessories from repurposed sail fabric and other surplus materials. 

Our vision is to combine functionality with good design and sustainable, smart use of materials. All the products are handmade in Finland and co-designed with our users – the Purjebägit community.